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COVID-19 Information for Customers and Vendors

If you are planning to visit the Market @ Red Deer in the coming weeks/months, please be advised that the market will be following all necessary protocols as requested by the Province of Alberta, Alberta Health Services and the City of Red Deer. All Albertans have a responsibility to stop the spread of Covid-19. We understand that things won’t be the same and you shouldn’t expect them to be either…and for that we’re sorry. However, we are all in this together and believe everyone must be flexible to the changes we are forced to make. The Market management and vendors kindly ask that you remain patient and respectful to everyone you meet or encounter during your visit and we thank you in advance for doing so. Here is the COVID-19 Information you will need to know:


  • Customers will be asked to enter at one location (the pedway on 43 Street) and line up if necessary as there will be limited numbers allowed in the market site.
  • Customers are asked to wear masks while in attendance.
  • There will be one regulated entrance and one exit.
  • Please treat others with respect and keep your visit quick and orderly. Don’t forget to smile (under your mask…or draw one on…lol)
  • Customers are asked to practice social distancing and stay six feet from others not in your immediate group.
  • Customers are reminded that they are to keep their distance as much as possible from the vendors tables and not touch any of the produce or goods. Clothing and fashion items should be managed by vendors for you to look at or possibly try on with permission.
  • You are reminded that there is a “curbside” pick up option for this market. Please go to the curbside pickup page for more information and shop your favourite vendors online.


  • A market stall is considered its own place of business, comparable to retail outlets in a shopping centre. Any business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic is legally obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff, volunteers and customers.
  • Follow all mandatory measures set out in the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s orders. Consider additional steps, including: Performing frequent hand hygiene, Creating barriers (e.g. glass or plastic partitions) between patrons and workers, Eliminating food sampling, Preventing customers from gathering, Asking customers to refrain from handling products and to point out the items they want bagged by staff, and Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks (see the PPE section in Workplace Guidance for Business Owners) as required.
  • Follow cleaning and disinfecting practices described in the workplace guidelines, including regular sanitation of any stall surfaces and equipment touched by workers and patrons.
    Take precautions at the point of sale to reduce transmission. Physically distance workers from patrons or install physical barriers. Sanitize electronic keypads after each use. Minimize the handling of money. Ensure gloves are available for workers handling cash.
  • Update business return policies to prevent the risk of transmission of COVID-19. This may include eliminating returns of purchased goods (i.e. final sale only) or storing and cleaning items before they are put out for resale.
  • Continue to follow all existing legal requirements that normally apply, such as those set out in the Food Regulation, and operate within your normal conditions of approval. o For example, farmers’ market vendors who are otherwise restricted from offering curbside pickup or home delivery of food products, are still not permitted to sell food in this fashion, unless this activity has been approved by Alberta Health Services.

For more information you can go to the following links: