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General FAQs

          The Market currently operates at the Servus Arena Parking lot in Red Deer. The address 4725 43 Street. Click here to get directions from Google.

          The 2022 season runs Saturday mornings, 8am to 12:30pm from May long weekend (Saturday May 21) until Thanks giving weekend (Saturday, October 8).

The market is an outdoor market and operates Rain or shine

          Yes. Lost or found items can be turned in at the table at the East Vendors  entrance. Check with the attendant or contact one of the managers to report lost or found items as well (780)-913-2586.

Washrooms are currently available in the Servus Arena.

Yes, please feel free to use the link to go directly to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to “Like” us

          Yes. There is parking available. You will find parking at the north side of the market. Parking is FREE.

          If there is an emergency, please call 911 for the appropriate response team. If it’s possible, after you have contacted emergency response, please find or have someone find a market manager or volunteer or call (780) 913-2586. Volunteers will usually have a radio or know how to find someone who can possibly assist until response has arrived. Serious incidents, not emergencies can be reported to the Customer Service Market Tent or any market manager/staff.

          The market can be visited in a variety of ways. WALK: If you live in the area, don’t be afraid to take a walk down to visit. BICYCLE: For those who wish to arrive by bicycle, the market has a FREE bicycle parking booth with security to oversee and protect your bikes while you shop. See the parking map for the exact location. Did you also know that Google maps for Red Deer has a “Bicycle path” map? Go to Google maps for Red Deer and click on the bicycle icon. BUS: If you are transit rider, the city of Red Deer Transit station is a few blocks from the market or you can take a bus (route #7) that stops near the market entrance on 48th Avenue. You can get more information at schedules and routes at Red Deer Transit’s website at

          Most vendors will have this service but a few will not. If you are in need of cash though, there is an ATM vendor available near the pedestrian crossing by the north parking lot as well as in the Servus Arena.

Asparagus-May, June
Beans-July, August, September
Beets-July through October
Brussel Sprouts-September, October
Cabbage-July through October
Carrots– July through October
Cauliflower– July, August, September
Celery-August, September
Corn-July, August, September
Cucumbers-July, August, September (Greenhouse variety-February through November)
Lettuce-June, July, August, September (Greenhouse varieties-February through December)
Onions (cooking)-August through October
Onions-(green) June, July, August, September
Peas-June, July, August, September
Peppers-July, August, September (greenhouse varieties June through October)
Pumpkins-August, September, October, November;

Radishes– June, July, August
Rutabagas– August through October
Tomatoes– June, July, August, September (Greenhouse varieties-April through November)
Winter Squash-August through October

          Yes, there is ample handicap parking. Let the commissionaire know you need handicap parking or drop off service. If you plan on parking, please remember to display your Handicap parking tag.

          Although everyone is welcome at the market, unfortunately dogs are not. Please leave your dog at home and enjoy the market. Bylaws will be enforced.

          There is No smoking allowed at the market – Tabacco, Cannabis and or Vaping products.  Please abide by the City of Red Deer Bylaws.

Bylaws may be enforced.

          Yes. As the market is on a parking lot, there are no stairs or curbs to negotiate. For drop off locations, please see the commissionaire upon your arrival and they will direct you to the correct location for drop off.